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DJ Corner

DJ Anson (Toronto)

dj ansonDJ Anson plays the party crowd with hard hitting electro house beats that make heads bob, feet strut, bodies jump and hands point in the air. He translates his love for dancing into energetic mixes that belt out ascending chords on top of heavy kicks and snapping snares. The dance floor and those on it are boss. Anson started DJing in 1991 at 15 years old in Montreal with a startup crew playing at house parties. The bug to play music and move a crowd caught on immediately. Through the party years of college and university, as a club-goer, Anson was inspired by Montreal DJs, Tiga, Rob Brown, Krista, and Double A. While working as a sound & lighting tech at Total Audio in Montreal, Anson played at parties under the name DJ Flee until 1999. During that time, his brother, Annam (DJ Mana), took up the decks and mastered the art of turntablism and formed Montreal's DJ school, Soul Mechanics. Since then, Anson pursued a career in the corporate world, acquired the love for photography, and hung up his headphones. In 2007, DJ Mana, Midas, and Killa-Jewel convinced Anson to pick up spinning tracks again.

Houman Farzin (Montreal)

dj ansonComing in from Montreal for his third Moonlight Night, this man needs no bio. He's that good!

Artists Corner

John Smalls

John Smalls, originally a native of Philadelphia though early travels also offered him the opportunity to call the West Coast home is in many ways the "physical embodiment of raw urban artistic talent in its purest form". At an early age he embraced his inner muse and allowed his artistic visions to flow freely. John has lived and traveled throughout the world allowing him the opportunity to meet and grow with people of vast cultures and races all of which becomes more and more evident in the diversity found within his artistic expressions. After traveling the world and cultivating a worldly urban distinctive style, Mr. Smalls has returned to the East Coast though his style continues to transcend any regional limitations placed upon him.

Some artists find themselves limited in the mediums of expression due to the confines of attempting to "earn a living" whereas for John art is more than simply a means of earning a living but rather a medium to express true living - A life filled with artistic expressions manifested from pain, suffering, love, life, death, hope and redemption. John Smalls is a true visionary who utilizes pure artistic energy to create true masterpieces. -G. Aruna Nelson

Chris Chingel

Chris is busy painting his bio. Till then learn more at his website.

Check out the original mural design from our last event from Chris and John which was inspiration for our aniimation above. Can't wait to see what they have in store this month!


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Burning Corner

Our September 4th Full Moon Party is heading west! We'll be leaving NYC for our first annual burn in the Black Rock Desert. If you're at Burning Man this year join us for a full moon party like no other in the world!! Email us for more info and if you're interested in joining our camp.

For more details visit our Facebook Group